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Child support is a topic that frequently sparks tension between parents. It’s common for one parent to feel they’re overpaying while the other believes they’re not contributing enough. Parents who provide support often worry about whether the funds are genuinely benefiting their child. If you’re entangled in a child support disagreement or need to set up an initial order, it’s crucial to have a skilled attorney guide you through the process. Crystal Lake Family Law is a child support law expert, and we’re dedicated to helping Illinois parents navigate these issues.

How is child support calculator in Illinois?

Child support calculations are based on foundational principles, but judges also consider the unique circumstances of each case. For instance, factors like the presence of high-net-worth individuals, children with special needs, and others can influence the standard calculation.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the process:

  1. Calculate the net income of both parents and sum them up.
  2. Compute 20% of the combined income, representing the estimated expenditure on the children if the parents remained together. This percentage can vary depending on the number of children.
  3. Based on each parent’s net income, determine their respective contributions to the 20%.
  4. The decision on which parent pays child support often hinges on the child’s overnight stay with each parent. Typically, the parent who spends more time with the child or acts as the primary caregiver receives the payments if the parenting duration is unequal.

You can click here for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services website. They have a calculator called the Illinois Child Support Estimator. It’s important to note that this is simply an estimate, and the result might not be exact. However, if you fill in the correct information, it may give you a basic idea of your situation.

Child Support FAQ's

  • Do I have to pay child support if I have 50 50 custody in Illinois?

    Even in cases where parents share equal parenting time, the court may still mandate one party to provide child support. The determination of child support is influenced by the income of each parent and the duration each one spends with the child.

  • Does child support automatically stop at 18 in Illinois?

    Child support is mandated until the youngest child, or the sole child, attains the age of legal emancipation in the state. In Illinois, this age is 18 years old. Unless there’s a written agreement or a court order specifying otherwise, ongoing child support ceases once the child is emancipated.

  • What is the new law on child support in Illinois?

    As of 2022, Illinois’ updated child support regulations necessitate that parents secure or uphold health insurance for their child or children during child support proceedings. This stipulation is enforced in scenarios involving child support, be it during a divorce or a child custody case.

  • Can a parent waive child support in Illinois?

    One can either increase their time spent with the child or relinquish their parental rights to be exempted from child support obligations. Nevertheless, if a temporary halt in payments is needed, there’s an option to file for a child support modification.

Child support issues can be extremely complex. If you find yourself in this situation and have questions that you can’t find answers to, feel free to reach out for a consultation. Simply call us or use the form to fill out your information and we will get back to you quickly.

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